"Cleanliness is next to Godliness." – Acts 9:32-10:23

Please Follow these Guidelines

The Shrine and grounds are open at 7:00 am to 8:00 pm every day.

We are always very happy when you come to visit. Whether you come to attend Mass, pray the Rosary, celebrate a feast, take part in a retreat or pilgrimage, or just to visit our gift shop, we hope that you will always have a pleasant and enjoyable stay.

On weekends and holidays from mid-May to mid-October, parking donations are collected at the gate. Parking donations on the grounds at Marylake are as follows:

Vehicle Type and Parking Donation:
Car: $10
Mini Coach/School Bus: $50
Coach/School Bus: $100

At all other times, there is no charge for parking. There are also no parking donations expected from retreatants at the Retreat House.

Thank you for joining us at Marylake today. Thank you also for your contribution towards parking. Did you know that your contribution helps to fund the following?

  • Support of Augustinian men in formation.

  • Care of the retired, elderly and infirm Augustinians.

  • The Retreat Ministry at Marylake.

  • Grounds keeping so that you have a clean, safe environment to visit.

  • Repair and maintenance of the Shrine, Monastery and other buildings on the property.

  • General improvements.

Your generosity is much appreciated and we thank you for your support.

Outdoors at Marylake.

Marylake is blessed to have some of the most natural and picturesque grounds in the Archdiocese of Toronto. We are more than happy to share God’s goodness with you. All that we ask is that you respect the sanctity of these Holy Lands by observing the following guidelines.

Respect and Courtesy

Please respect all religious services being held on the grounds of Marylake whether they are indoors or outdoors.

Please be courteous and show respect to all those visitors who wish to pray in silent veneration anywhere on the property at Marylake.

Please dress in an appropriate and modest manner throughout the buildings and grounds.

Children should be supervised at all times whether in the Shrine, on the Rosary Path or anywhere else on the Marylake property.


  • Please obey all No Parking signs.

  • Please park in designated parking areas only.

  • Please do not park in designated fire routes.

  • Please do not move or remove any barriers.

  • Do not park or drive on the grass except immediately next to a drive or lane way.

  • If leaving the grounds, a parking tag will be required to re-enter.

Restricted Activities

  • The use of ATVs, mini bikes and any other recreational vehicles is strictly prohibited.

  • The flying of drones and kites is strictly prohibited anywhere on the Marylake property.

  • Please do not picnic in the Angel Courtyard of Peace, the grass areas immediately in front of the Monastery or the St. Joseph on the Hill area.

  • No ball playing in the Angel Courtyard of Peace, the grass areas immediately in front of the Monastery or the St. Joseph on the Hill area.

  • Alcohol and weaponry of any sort are strictly prohibited.

  • No amplified music.

  • The sale of any items or food is strictly prohibited unless authorized by the Augustinian Friars.

  • Pets, except for service animals and the pets belonging to the Augustinian Sisters and Friars, are not permitted on Marylake property.

  • Do not remove any chairs from the Shrine.

  • Do not drink the water from the restroom taps, hoses or pumps.

At the Rosary Path

Please respect the Rosary Path as a sacred space of prayer and meditation.

Do not allow children to roam freely throughout the Rosary Path and do not allow children to climb, swing or play on any of the Rosary Path items such as beads, chains, crosses, benches, etc.

A visit to the Rosary Path should be as respectful and as reverent as a visit to a church or shrine.

Picnics and BBQs

  • No open pit fires.

  • Barbecues are not to be placed on the picnic tables.

  • All barbecues must be extinguished by 6:00 pm.

  • Based on environmental conditions, fire bans may be imposed from time to time.

  • Coals must only be dumped in designated disposal bins.

  • Please extinguish all tobacco products in the appropriate containers.

  • Please dispose of all trash in the proper disposal bins.

One of several scenic picnic spots at Marylake.

One of several scenic picnic spots at Marylake.

Restricted Zones

  • Please stay away from any area that is under construction.

  • Do not enter the barn.

  • All areas by the lake are off limits; hunting, fishing, swimming and boating are strictly prohibited.

  • The grounds behind the Monastery and Shrine between the lake are private and off limits.

  • The Sacristy and the Monastery are off limits.

  • The Convent and Retreat House (unless you are a retreatant) are off limits.

Other Considerations

Please use the public restrooms behind the gift shop.

In case of emergency, please see one of our Marylake staff identified by a light blue Marylake t-shirt and light blue Marylake cap.

We thank you for your cooperation.